Terms & Conditions

Soon you join us you are restricted to follow our terms & conditions as explained below-

  • Our terms and conditions applies to all visitors no matter they are guests, registered users, or subscribers;
  • If you don’t want to follow our policy then it’s better not to use our website;
  • Using our website confirms that you accept our terms and conditions;
  • If you avail our service you are liable to pay for the same as per our price chart;
  • You’ll be responsible for all persons who are accessing our website through your internet connection;
  • We can’t assure that our site is accessible all the time. Sometimes, it may down due to technical failures;

Rates: All our rates are mentioned in our agreement. You need to go through the same in prior you confirm. We will also inform you 30 days before if we plan to change or modify the rate chart. In case you are not satisfied with rate then you may cancel the deal for the remaining period.

Payment: We’ll raise invoice with due date net 30 days from the date of invoicing. Clients are requested to make payment before the due date in order to avoid delay in service. You can make payment through internet banking or cheque.

Termination: We can terminate the deal in case of the following:

  • If the client fails to make payment before the stipulated period of time;
  • If there is no mutual understanding between we and our client;


  • We won’t be responsible for delay in project delivery due to unforeseen circumstances. However, we do our level best to deliver the project within the given timeline.
  • If you click any third party links available at our website then you will be responsible for any losses or actions caused.

Unacceptable Practices

  • Any products or services based on sexual activities;
  • Adult or pornographic based contents;
  • Offensive material;
  • Languages which are not useful for minors;
  • Hacking related materials dangerous for users;
  • Illegal gaming, lotteries, gambling activities;
  • Scam and phishing tools for retrieving personal materials;
  • Cash gifting announcements;
  • Illegal drugs publishing;
  • Sale of tobacco based products;
  • Linking to third part sites violating the digital marketing norms;

Data Protection

Though, we maintained a complete privacy at our website. However, we won’t be responsible for any losses occurred by clicking to any third party links available at our website. You can click those links upon your liability.

Changes to the terms

We can revise our terms & conditions anytime without releasing a prior notification. We suggest clients to keep checking this page for further updates released from our side.